The Creation of Padanee

After having to take time out from working for a year due to the illness of my little girl, I found myself having much time to think, contemplate and ponder over my life and what it held in store for me next. After seeing how quickly your life as you know it can change, it made me consider all options and the only one that made most sense was to open up my own business focusing on what I love most weddings. After 8 months of researching designers speaking with many friends already in the business I decided to invest my time and life into working as a bridal boutique owner and a wedding consultant…. Padanee was born

Old shop picThe name Padanee comes from the simple break down of the names of my wonderful family, being Patricia, Daniel my partner and our kids names all end in the sound of “ee” Saramarie, Amy, Charlee, Harree and Emery. I had a vision of what I really wanted Padanee to look like and so I went to the wonderful Enda McKiernan of McKiernan Architects for help and guidance to bring the vision together. He produced a beatuiful video of how the boutique would look and together with Des Murphy the contractor Enda and many family members we worked into the early hours of many mornings to bring this vision together.

Old shop 4
“In design we aimed to create a space where the bride would be the core, with which everything else would radiate.Dark & vibrant interior colours accentuate the shades of white of the bridal gowns.” Enda McKiernan. On entering Padanee you are met with the sharp contrast of black and white, I have always loved these colours and think they are uber sharp and clean I take alot of inspiration for the fashion industry and these colours feature stongly with some of the worlds fashion leaders. GUCCI, CHANEL, VALENTINO all designers brands that have stood the test of time. If you cannot take inspiration from the best who can you take inspiration from.

old shop 5
The centrepiece of the boutique is a display wall of ivy and each day we place a beautiful wedding gown in front of this to showcase to the public. Each morning we can see the nose prints on the windows from people pressing their noses against the window to look at the gown on display.

Old shop 3
The front of the boutique is disticntly seperated from the back of the boutique in order to create a very distinct privacy for our brides when they come for their view.

Old shop
Behind the fron t dipslay is where we have our two viewing rooms and these rooms have a more luzurious feel. Our appointments last 1 and a half hours and you need to be in a space that is comfortable and warm. With beautiful lush purples’ pinks and reds these colours ofset the beauty of the ivory and white gowns.

Old shop 1
On the 27th of February we opened our doors to our beautiful boutique and had our official launch 8 weeks later … but I will tell you more about that in the next blog