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My website Padanee aims to provide information about wedding dresses and the Irish boutiques where you can find them. I focus on bridal dresses, but I also create content related to popular trends.

I update this portal regularly with quality information about the most popular labels.

As a regular blogger, I don’t charge for my content and I will never do so because this is my passion. Padanee is like my brainchild; the final result of all my efforts. My goal is to make this site one of the best in the bridal and formal fashion world.

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However, nothing is free in life and to maintain quality, I also have to pay developers and designers who do other tasks I can’t. Website maintenance is costly, and, in some cases, I have to go to the boutiques myself to take notes. All this is expensive, and I need funds to afford it.

Luckily, I provide options for our visitors to donate to my site Padanee. By doing this, I offer people the opportunity to help my blog grow. You can donate whatever amount you want through the various payment methods I provide.

I will reward you with more quality content and updates that make browsing awesome.

You can use either your credit/debit cards, or PayPal for donation, but I’m working to add more payment methods very soon. If you cannot use any of these payment methods but you want to donate, feel free to contact me via email I will reply and answer your query.

The funds I receive mostly go to boutiques that are new to this market and are still unknown. On a different note, I never send emails to my subscribers asking for money.