About Me

I’m Ruby Goodwin and I founded my site Padanee with some of my friends with the same interest in formal clothing. Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to work along with more than 200 shops in the United Kingdom, more specifically in Ireland.

All the information you’ll find here has been the result of arduous research work throughout these years.

I’ve kept track of wedding fashion and witnessed the evolution of wedding dresses. I’m a fan of the amazing work of top designers such as Oleg Cassini, Zac Posen, and Vera Wang and post content about it.

At Padanee, I create content for women of all ages and preferences. I intend to provide tips to make weddings easier to afford.

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Organizing a wedding is not only about the wedding dress but also about other elements. A wedding includes a theme, background music, catering service, flowers, food, and other things.

I emphasize the wedding dress, which is one of the hardest but most beautiful aspects of this event.

In this blog, I talk about lingerie, shoes, and other accessories that are also part of these special occasions. I likewise include content related to promo dresses, coupled with customized style advice, party dresses, and expert alterations. I publish useful content about formal clothing and casual dresses.

I started this site in 2015 here in Ireland. A year later, one of my partners Janet Barriet joined me with her write-ups on pre-a-porter wedding fashion and today’s wedding fashion.

I loved her work, but I loved the fact that we could help people with our content even more. Today, it is possible to get a luxury wedding dress for a few hundred bucks. Decades back, it was not possible.

Many new wedding dress manufacturers have opened their doors since 1970. Also, the Asian and American markets have been incorporating into the boutiques here in Ireland. I pretty much love the work done by powerful manufacturers and their contribution to the amazing world of wedding dresses.

In this blog, you’ll find content about the most popular formal shops in Ireland and the best-selling dresses in recent years. I hope this industry continues to expand even more than it already has.

I strongly believe wedding dresses will never get outdated because they’ll continue to evolve along with society.